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We are recruiting respondents to take part in focus groups. This small but representative sample of people is then invited to give their opinions on new products or services.

The groups are usually held at market research facilities or a hotel meeting room and include a moderator and respondents, for example 6 to 10 people who have met the required criteria. Sessions vary in length but typically last around 90 minutes.

To thank you for your contribution, you will be given an incentive to cover the cost of transport and your time. This is usually paid in cash and can vary from £30 to £100 depending on the type of research and any additional pre-group task you may have been allocated.

As part of the registration process, we will ask for some personal data to ensure that we only contact you for relevant focus groups. We never use your details in any other way or pass them onto other organisations and adhere closely to the Data Protection Act and rules and guidelines laid down by the Market Research Society.

Step 1: Fill in the registration form and make sure you read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 2: You will receive an email with a link to an online questionnaire which will gather more information about you.

Step 3: When we have a research project in your area that we think you are eligible for, you will be contacted by email / phone to find out your availability and to double check if you are in the target group required.

Step 4: If eligible you will receive an invitation to attend the group discussion.

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